What Hair Clipper is Good for a Man Buzz Cut?

I need a more professional hair clipper because I am unhappy with the cheaper Walmart brands. The most recommended are the Oster, Wahl, and Ander brands. I want to know what price range is appropriate for someone like me.

I understand that most rate the Oster Classic 76 as the best hair clipper. I am wondering if something like the Oster would be useful for someone who simply buzzes his own hair. I usually buzz my hair with both a number 1 and 2 clipper. I only need a simple hair cut. I would like to buy a more professional clipper, and don’t mind paying more for a professional quality type of clipper. I just don’t want to end up buying something that I might not really need.

Is an Oster Classic 76 a good option for someone who only needs a simple buzz cut? Or would a Wahl brand do the job just as well? I noticed some Wahl clippers are selling for compared to the Oster selling for 0.

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  • Steve:

    I just wrote a long detailed answer and accidentally deleted it. I am not up to recomposing all of it but here are the essentials. Basically there are rotary clippers and taper clippers. An Oster 76 is a rotary clipper. It does not have a taper lever. The blades snap on and off readily. A blade cuts more evenly than a guard especially at #1 length and also at #2 though it is not as much of a problem. Rotary lades can cost anywhere from $ 25.00 to $40.00. If the issue you are having with cheap clippers is unevenly cut hair at #1 and #2 length, it could be that you are applying force to the clipper which is unnecessary or it could be that your scalp is on the loose side which allows it to gather between the widely spaced teeth of a guard and the hair on that scalp is then closer to the cutting blades and is cut shorter. This does not happen with a rotary blade due to the close set teeth. Home clippers, except for the most inexpensive, are taper clippers and have a taper lever. Regular taper clippers adjust between a #1 blade and a #000 blade by flipping the taper lever with no guard attached. "Fade" clipper cut between #00000 blade length and #000 blade length by adjusting the taper lever with no guard attached. The most popular professional taper clipper in the US is the Andis Improved Master.
    Blades and Guards:
    Even guys who suit a butch usually more fully suit a short pomp(pompadour) style-crew cut, ivy league(long crew cut), flat top crew cut- so being able to self cut one might be a consideration. Kind of difficult with a rotary clipper.
    For a rotary clipper, also consider an Andis BGRC which is quieter due to not having a fan like an Oster 76 and can run cordless. Like most rotary clippers now being manufactured, uses Oster 76 family blades. If there is no issue with unevenly cut hair due to scalp gathering between the teet of a guard, a good quality home clipper made in the USA like a Wahl Chrome Pro which sells for about $30.00 in many discount stores, and comes with a full complement of guards, should serve your needs.
    This extreme crew cut ….
    …. illustrates the graduation of the top hair shorter from the front hairline to the back of the crown. About 1" at the center of the front hairline and 1/8" at the back of the crown. This allows a short pomp style to be designed to more fully suit most guys and also makes the style much easier to groom than a longer butch. A short pomp front readily forms and grooming requires far less control wax(butch wax) than a butch.
    another short crew cut, not as extreme but also illustrates the graduation of the top hair:
    ivy league illustrates the graduation in length of the top hair:
    The answer at the following link was on best of yahoo answers for several weeks about a year ago and might be of some assistance with self cutting a butch:
    Correct Url for the final link at the above answer:
    Good Luck!

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