Wahl clipper – How to take put blades and pieces back together

If you have taken your Wahl clipper apart for cleaning and was confused as how the four pieces go back together here is a little video, sorry for the focus i…

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    11 Responses to “Wahl clipper – How to take put blades and pieces back together”

    • 1020Shane:

      good tutorial, keep it simple.

    • its0809me:

      This was very helpful. I have a Conair Hair Trimmer which I use for my son. I opened it up to clean it and was not able to put it together afterwards. After watching your video, it just took a minute. Thank you!

    • Jeff W.:

      the Wahl clippers i have also have a, what i call a “tension spring”. have no idea how it goes in. It all popped out when i opened it up. It is a model #9765. It looks the same as in the video, but it did not show a spring

    • mchenrinson:

      That’s a trimmer dipshit.

    • GulfCoastGirl5:

      Thank you! I spent an hour fiddling with Wahl pet clipper blades that I couldn’t figure out how to re-assemble. Watched your video and had it done in about 2 minutes. Very helpful… Thumbs up!

    • cakerdeathjr:

      Just took blade off mine to clean hair oot after clipping my horse so I can clip ma dog next and the whole thing fell apart! Ur videos a wee life saver. Many thanx!

    • SweetandSinistral:

      Thank you, this is just what I needed. :)


    • Jenny Lynne:

      You’re my hero! I was getting close to throwing the thing against the wall!! Thank you :-)

    • cgd1125:

      Do you know if you can buy new screws? Mine will not stay back together. The clipper fell apart while I was using it and it’s newer.

    • Darlene Wallace:

      Thank you, this is exactly what I needed!

    • TheTempest66:

      A life saver! Thank you!

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