Is it ok for a man to shave his pubic hair with electric hair clippers like he would use on his chest?

My husband is removing most of his body hair because his chest and back are like a rug. Now he wants to go even further and remove all pubic hair. We have clippers like one would find in a hair salon which worked great on his back and chest. However, we were wondering how this would work on his balls? Or should he just shave down there with shaving cream?

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  • nycguy10002:

    On the pubic area, those would work well (just be careful). But for the scrotum – NO. Those types of clippers have blades that are made for thicker hair and stronger skin. He would wind up with a lot of nicks and cuts down below.

    He can use shaving cream down there if he wants. I use a good glycerin soap (Neutrogena) and that way I can see where I am shaving. Always keep the hand holding the razor free from soap or shaving cream and rinse the razor constantly. A decent 3 blade disposable (with a pivoting head) works best. Make sure to stretch the skin of the scrotum as the blade goes across.

    Of course once done, he will have to do a touch up (most likely daily). Get a cheap, battery operated shaver with a straight across head and use carefully. There is less razor burn when things are somewhat smooth already.

  • R&B1028:

    I like to keep my pubic area trimmed up, and based on my experience, I definitely recommend using a standard men’s shaving razor. It doesn’t too long (I do it in the shower) and it gets a really close shave which eliminates itching. Electric razors can be dangerous around your genitals, so it would be wise to avoid using them. The razor can very easily catch the skin on your balls and cut it.

    Above the shaft of the penis, however, the razor works fine. Just use a shaving razor on the penis/balls, and you should be good to go.

  • Connor:

    You should never use electric razors around the genitals (or at all since they do a horrible job compared with regular razors). If he doesn’t like it he can always get lazer hair removal on his back and chest. IT takes sevral treatments to completly remove the hair but he can go in for a few treatments so he doesn’t have rug like hair.
    He should also concider waxing (it’s less painful the more you do it). Waxing removes the hair for a longer time and after a while the hair won’t grow back so much since well waxing damages the hair follicles. So it will have the same result after a while that the lazer treatment will.

    Shaving cream will ruin the shaver and it also irritates the skin on the genitals. Plus hair grows back faster with the electric razors because it doesn’t cut the hair as short.


  • rebornpheonix:

    I use the Norelco Body Groomer and it works great.


    That’s what I use :)

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